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First Tweets: putting the 'mas back in Xmas, Trump threatens to fire Mnuchin
...Because of course, it’s Steve Mnuchin’s fault the stock market’s down, not any of those stupid trade “policies” or the idiocy of threatening post-WWII economic and security alliances. And leaking this…

"Shutdown money": Trump really thinks he can keep the money he's stiffing federal employees
I didn’t believe it, but here it is. Trump just said that he can treat the federal workforce exactly like he treated all of his real estate contractors: “The complete…

'Plunge Protection Team' Holds Emergency Meeting as Trump Chaos Sparks Fears of Another Financial Crash
The deeply harmful government shutdown over President Donald Trump's demand for billions in border wall funding continued with no agreement in sight. From his vacation spot in Cabo San Lucas,…

"A Very Special Counsel Christmas." Colbert, Kringle and Mueller Bust Trump.
You’ve all been very good this year, so, as the mango miscreant pity tweets in the Oval, I bring you good tidings of great joy and merriment: Merry Christmas!

A Trump Water-Carrier has some Angry Advice for the Liar-in-Chief
And that exasperated advice was this: “Stop saying it’s a wall. There is no wall.”  Even those who earn their living by translating Trump-speak into English — even they have…

Since Trump tweeted 'more good news is coming' for the market, S&P is down 19 percent
For most of his presidency — when it came to the economy, at least — Donald Trump was like a toddler sitting in one of those car seats with a fake Fisher Price steering wheel that made…

Trump Steals A 7 Year Old’s Xmas, Asking If S/he ‘Still Believes In Santa’
Maybe this is from last year, because supposedly Trump is Home Alone, with only Twitter to succor and soothe. But then, Melania did fly back to Washington, so maybe this…

Baking? Books? Booze? Self-care in the age of Trump
We need to keep fighting. We need to be able to keep fighting. What do you do to keep going? You give yourself what you need—or as much of it as you…

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