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NYT: Trump feels 'totally and completely abandoned,' even by Kushner
Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker have a new piece in The New York Times today that portrays our pr*sident as a puddle of fondue getting ready to evaporate into God’s blessed…

Senile or Surrender? Trump's Rambling Tweets Forget to Mention Border Wall Funds to End Shutdown
There has been considerable speculation for the past couple of years about whether Donald Trump is mentally stable or capable of performing his duties as president. His psychological condition has…

The walls close in as Trump's actions threaten the GOP donor class: Frank Rich for New York Magazine
Frank Rich spent thirty years in various positions writing for the New York Times. He now hosts a weekly column for New York Magazine as their writer-at-large. He rarely minces…

Mueller's investigation into Russian interference won't stop because of the government shutdown
Congress did not meet their midnight deadline to reach a funding agreement, largely because President Donald Trump threw a fit in wanting literal billions approved to further fund his sickening…

Top U.S. diplomat quits after Trump orders Syria withdrawal: 'I could not ... maintain my integrity'
The special presidential envoy to the coalition fighting the Islamic State was already set to retire in February, but thanks to Donald Trump’s ill-advised decision to immediately remove all U.S.…

What's affected by Trump's government shutdown? Here's what a partial shutdown actually means
At midnight, the government shut down—partially. Why? President Donald Trump essentially threw a massive temper tantrum. He wants more money (originally demanding more than $5 billion) for his disturbing border…

Feliz Navidad. Mexican Girl Sends Santa Her List By Balloon, Arizona Man Finds and Fills It.
Well, this is a feel good story. Washington Post “Randy Heiss found a balloon while hiking in Patagonia, Ariz., on Dec. 16. Attached was a note.  “Dayami,” it read on…

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