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Mueller moves beyond Russia: Sources indicate the special counsel investigation is 'going global'
Every time someone starts talking as if the special counsel investigation is nearing its end , fresh concerns, witnesses, and crimes seem to appear. And now The Daily Beast is…

Read 'em and weep: Sean Hannity's now deleted tweets about his kind of, sort of lawyer Michael Cohen
Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is headed to federal prison, after a judge sentenced him to 36 months for a string of Trump-related crimes, including efforts to conceal hush…

Trump claims undercut his own alibi on Cohen by claiming he was 'mostly PR'
Donald Trump went on Fox News to explain how he isn’t guilty of felony violations of campaign finance law for the actions he directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to…

first tweets: Individual-1 stakes a clueless claim
Trump’s first tweets, after only producing three yesterday, claim innocence because he says so, and NAFTA 2.0 is his new media framing of Mexico paying for his “border wall”. Trump’s plan…

Trump is getting worried and ranty about impeachment, sources say
Donald Trump is getting worried about impeachment, reports NBC News, and holy crap is this a story where you want more detail on what the unnamed sources are telling reporters. The…

NRA-connected Russian spy enters plea deal, confesses to conspiracy against the United States
Maria Butina, a central figure in the special counsel probe into whether the Donald Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 campaign, has entered a guilty plea in federal…

Mark Meadows Out, Newt Gingrich Now Front Runner For Trump Chief Of Staff
Remember the TV show “Charlie’s Angels” where the cast was continually changing, due to resignations and firings, and it became a popular insider guessing game who was actually going to…

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