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TREASONS GREETINGS TRUMP! Mueller Has --REDACTED-- For Your Stocking!: Friday's Good News
Today is another one of those days we have been looking forward to: Mueller will be filing on both Manafort and Cohen. So more of that precious, amazing information we…

Even Trump seems to think his acting attorney general appointment is backfiring
After nearly two years of railing on his first choice for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump finally got the chance to do what he had been itching to do…

The next “great” President.
It has been a week of heart touching images, towering praise, and warm personal recollections. Yet, through it all, I was continually drawn to one constant, repetitive question. How can…

OUCH! Tucker Carlson of FOX News Flips on Trump for 'Breaking Promises,' Being 'Incapable'
There has been an emerging trend of ordinarily worshipful Fox News shills mustering up the gumption to be mildly critical of Donald Trump. This may be because the boorish behavior,…

Trump picks former 'Fox & Friends' host as ambassador to the UN
Boutros Boutros-Ghali! What fresh hell is this? From Bloomberg: President Donald Trump has decided to nominate State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to replace departing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, according to…

TGIF: Trump's Great Insubordination Friday as Mueller releases Manafort/Cohen sentencing memos
Get your rulers out, will there be redactions and are they the same size as those in the Flynn memo, indicating that he gave Manafort up in a common criminal…

New Lancet Study Shows Right-Wing Attacks on Refugees and Migrants Based on 'White Nationalist Propaganda'—Not Facts
A new study published Thursday in The Lancet, one of the world's preeminent medical journals, makes clear the increasingly familiar attacks used by right-wingers worldwide to dehumanize migrants and refugees…

Trump's big post-midterm staff 'shake up' fizzles along with any 'vision' for next year
Donald Trump, we were told, was really gonna shake things up following the midterms. An exodus was coming, whether it was because heads would roll or staffers would simply dart toward the…

Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez pull back the curtain on corporate CEO-driven 'bipartisan' House orientation
Congress is going to be changed by this year’s elections, because the incoming class of representatives includes some people who will not go along to get along, will not just…

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