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OMG What Trump Just Did on The World Stage
Literally...the world stage. I think this warrants its own story or Trump’s incredible faux pas might go under the radar. You can’t dress him up, let alone take him out.…

Trump, the POTUS* of "no apparent reason" still meets with Vlad
Trump says he won’t have another disastrous press conference because Poppy Bush died… as protocol takes it in the neck again during the Trump regime. Trump canceled a formal G-20 meeting…

In Memo Asking Clemency Cohen Reveals He Worked With Trump's Lawyers Preparing False Cong. Testimony
Well, the orange gasbag ain’t gonna like this…. (forgive the byline) NY Times “Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s former personal lawyer who has twice pleaded guilty to crimes that have…

This upcoming “cat fight” is going to be EPIC!
I’m still laughing. You know, I thought that the G20 meeting was supposed to be a serious matter, between serious world leaders. That swing-your-arm-back-a-foot, loud slap, thumb grab handshake between…

Trumps will attend state funeral for former President George H.W. Bush
The Associated Press reports: The White House announced Saturday morning that the Trumps would attend a state funeral for the former president at Washington’s National Cathedral. No surprise. It would…

View from the Left: Individual 1
Donald Trump has always wanted to be No. 1—in business, sexual prowess, politics, mental acuity, and overall fame—and now he is. Special counsel Robert Mueller personally dubbed Trump "Individual 1"…

Research says men who are insecure about their 'manhood' tend to be Donald Trump voters
In the latest result of research about modern voting trends that will surprise absolutely nobody, it turns out that men who are insecure about their masculinity—that is, who suffer from…

Republicans trivialize Trump associates' illegal acts as mere 'process crimes'
As Donald Trump takes center stage as "Individual 1" in Russia probe filings, Republicans are calling him a victim of the special counsel's fixation on so-called "process crimes." And by using…

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