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'Immediate Trouble' for Don Jr. Predicted After Michael Cohen Guilty Plea
Donald Trump Jr. could be the next person facing renewed scrutiny on Thursday after a guilty plea in federal court by his father's former private attorney, according to at least…

Trump abruptly left tree-lighting ceremony yesterday, may have had 'panic attack.' Wonder why
Drip, drip, drip. Oh, a gusher! Big news this morning involving the underling Trump repeatedly bullied over the past 12 years. (Hey, Melania, if you want kids to stop bullying each…

Donald Trump admits that business deal with Moscow continued long after he told America it was over
On his way to board Marine One, Donald Trump paused to attack Michael Cohen. In the process, Trump essentially agreed with everything that Cohen stated. In the process, Trump called…

Cohen lied. Manafort lied. Corsi lied. And the bottom is falling out for Donald Trump.
Michael Cohen appeared in federal court on Thursday morning to plead guilty to lying to Congress and testify that Donald Trump continued his attempts to make a real estate deal…

Cohen's plea is just a gateway to him testifying against other Trump associates and family members
Remember in August, just after Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to his first eight felony counts, his lawyer Lanny Davis went on a two-day media tour explicitly promoting what Cohen knew about Donald Trump and…

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