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Twitter: Deutsche Bank has just been raided by German Authorities.
A short Twitter thread but no less significant. Prison will have an easy time finding the right size Orange jumpsuits for all those upcoming convicts who is set to take…

Manafort's breach of his cooperation agreement could backfire spectacularly on Trump
Paul Manafort likely never truly intended to cooperate with the special counsel, but rather to undermine the investigation into the Trump campaign by passing along information about the probe to…

SCOTUS Blog's Tom Goldstein's Motion to Install Rosenstein as AG. "This is a constitutional crisis."
(Thomas C. Goldstein, known as simply Tom Goldstein, is an American attorney known for his advocacy before and blogging about the Supreme Court. Over the past fifteen years, Goldstein has served as…

Facing backlash over 'must-run' segment endorsing tear-gassing children, Sinclair apologizes—sorta
Sinclair Broadcast Group has made headlines before for their “must-run” segments that they force into all 193 stations they own or operate in 81 markets, but rarely do they apologize…

Pelosi won more votes, but NYT says Ryan win 'overwhelming' while hers saw 'significant defections'
So, so, so very typical. Here’s Wednesday’s New York Times on Nancy Pelosi winning her party’s nomination to be speaker of the House: Democrats Nominate Pelosi to Be Speaker but…

Espionage isn't treason. But it's a very big deal
Denial is not only a river in Egypt as yesterday’s revelations on the coordinated lies of Manafort and Trump hinge in part on events related to the use of hacked…

Trump's written responses to Mueller claim he didn't know about Trump Tower, WikiLeaks
CNN is reporting that, according to their sources, Donald Trump’s written response to special counsel Robert Mueller denied that Trump had any knowledge about two critical areas. Trump claimed that he…

The NRA lost about $57,000,000 in revenue last year—Thoughts and Prayers
A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the NRA was hurting so badly that their Fairfax, Virginia headquarters had cut out free coffee and water to their employees. Of…

Avenatti, Stormy Daniels At Impasse, She Says Avenatti Sued Trump For Defamation Against Her Wishes
Stormy Daniels is not pleased with her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, and that makes sense since now she’s on the hook for $350,000 in legal fees, after a judge dismissed the…

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