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'Revealing and Alarming': US President Donald Trump Spends Wednesday Morning Retweeting Wacko Right-Wing Memes and Other Nonsense
President Donald Trump fired out a flurry of tweets Wednesday morning, including retweets from a Trump fan account depicting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller in jail for…

Never Trumper Rick Wilson Crows ‘Playtime Is Over and Donald Doesn’t Like It’
The jig is up. Trump is cornered like a rat and he knows it. For the first time in his life, he is going to be held accountable and he…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Fact-Checked Live On Air By CNN
Is CNN trying a new tactic to cover the lies of the Whitehouse ? CNN uses side by side screen live ! CNN split its screen to run a fact-checking…

Ivanka denies Daddy authorized ‘lethal force’ at the border—until she’s shown the video
There’s an important thing to remember about Ivanka Trump: she is a bad and selfish person. The proverbial apple hasn’t even left the tree, let alone fallen from it. Ivanka has…

Donald Trump flails, threatening GM and trying to blame a Democrat for plant closings
Donald Trump is lashing out in all directions over General Motors’ planned factory closings and layoffs in the United States. Trump’s tantrum started Monday following GM’s announcement and continued Tuesday on Twitter with a threat…

Cooperation between Trump and Manafort demonstrates extraordinary disdain for legal process
As must have been obvious to Robert Mueller from the beginning, Paul Manafort’s agreement to a plea deal wasn’t so much an effort to reduce his sentence through negotiation, as…

Despised Pena Nieto Bestows Mexico’s Highest Honor On Jared Kushner and Mexicans Are P*ssed
Corrupt Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto leaves office in two days, and he’s going out with a bang, awarding Mexico’s highest honor for foreigners, the Order of the Aztec Eagle…

Nancy Pelosi is unopposed as House Democrats meet to nominate their speaker
House Democrats are holding their leadership elections Wednesday, and after all that talk and posturing, Nancy Pelosi is unopposed for the Democratic nomination to be speaker. Once Pelosi went to…

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