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How Trumped is Lord Dampnut now
The key #TrumpRussia point today was that Mueller anticipated Trump and Manafort would violate the Joint defense agreement, and allowed them to entrap themselves with the written response to questions. Because…

Who Does Donnie Jr Call when he gets Russian Promises of "Dirt" -- We are about to Find Out
Adam Schiff does it again. He hits the bullseye of the Trump-Russia target — that goes directly to the heart of the matter: What did Donnie Senior know, and WHEN…

Judge Napolitano: Manafort's plea deal is literally "pardon proof"
Remember all the fears that Trump could simply pardon Paul Manafort for any federal crimes? Well, rest easy. In what appears to be a stroke of legal genius, Robert Mueller…

Roger Stone pal Jerome Corsi is sure screwed now
Right-wing conspiracy theorist and Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi put the final nail in his own coffin Tuesday. Just as soon as Corsi offered a rather fanciful explanation for why he knew…

Milwaukee said officers justified in shooting of unarmed black man, new video destroys that story
On August 31, 2017, unarmed Jerry Smith Jr. was paralyzed after being shot three times on a Milwaukee rooftop by police officers Melvin Finkley and Adam Stahl. This past June, Milwaukee County Chief…

Author of U.S. Climate Assessment drops epic Twitter thread: 'I'm here to set the record straight'
Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe worked on the U.S. National Climate Assessment released last week. In fact, the atmospheric scientist is one of the authors of this most recent iteration of…

House GOP puts out another 'dead of night' tax bill cuz it worked so well last time
Good news, folks! The House GOP learned absolutely nothing from the midterms. After likely losing a whopping 40 seats to Democrats this cycle, Republicans have assembled yet another major bill…

Lindsay Graham takes on AOC on Refugee Analogy: Guess whose side the Auschwitz Museum takes.
Reacting to this now infamous picture, Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez tweets: Asking to be considered a refugee & applying for status isn’t a crime. It wasn’t for Jewish families fleeing Germany. It…

'Mind Boggling': White House Keeping CIA Chief Gina Haspel From Briefing Senate on Khashoggi Murder
While President Donald Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the CIA's internal, and still secret, determination concerning the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi nearly two months ago, it was…

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