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Fox News' Lahren tweets that children getting tear-gassed at border was Thanksgiving ‘highlight’
Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren is known for outrageous statements. She backed President Donald Trump on his “sh**hole” countries” comment, refuses to empathize with NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, and blames…

Tom Arnold shares video of Secret Service interviewing him at his home about anti-Trump tweets
Actor and comedian Tom Arnold is a very outspoken critic of Donald Trump. The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant has said that there is terrible B-roll video evidence of the president,…

Corsi: "I’d rather sit in prison and rot for as long as these thugs want me to."
Swift-Boater/Birther/Trumper Jerome Corso was supposed to record an interview with Anna Schechter of MSNBC this morning.  He was putting on a tough-guy face: But then, he suddenly got cold feet……

In terms of demographics, “Things, they are a’changing.” and in the Democrats favor.
When it came to the recent midterm elections, the Democrats benefited mightily from  what is commonly referred to as “low intensity voters.” These are voters who normally don’t bother to…

Nooses Appear At Mississippi Capital While Mia Love Blames Trump For Minorities Being Run Out Of GOP
The times they are a changin’. Racism may not be gasping it’s last breath in the deep south, but it is not flourishing unimpeded as it once did. Two interesting…

Shooting Pepper Spray at Children Okay, Former CBP Deputy Chief Tells Fox News, Because 'You Could Actually Put It on Your Nachos and Eat It'
Amid widespread outrage and condemnation over the tear gassing of mothers, their children, and other asylum seekers and migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday, Ronald Colburn, president of the…

GM announces more 'winning,' will close auto plant in Trump country
Last year, Donald Trump tried to take credit for General Motors’ jobs he didn’t create. He did this on the shoulders of news that General Motors was announcing downturns in their…

Trump: Some people on campaign didn't talk to Russia, therefore there was no collusion
After reports last week indicated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller might be close to some big moves, Donald Trump renewed his attacks on the investigation in a pair of tweets on…

Former DHS Official Confirms on 60 Minutes that Admin Had No Plan to Reunite Families.
Perhaps not coincidentally, on the very evening that immigrants seeking refugee status on the southern border were attacked with tear gas, a 60 Minutes report revealed that not only did the…

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