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Trump is losing the troops (finally)
How many troops slap their faces when Trump speaks? Active-duty military support for Trump is withering away.  Polling shows a steady decline with disapproval now, essentially, equaling approval. According to this…

I have a really good question. What does Mueller have that turns loyalists into singing canaries?
I am serious about this question.   Every single person that has been brought before the Special Counsel and charged has flipped harder than a pancake.   They sing like carolers on a…

Mississippi Republicans Holding Their Breath ‘We Don’t Want An Alabama’
Cindy Hyde-Smith’s public hanging comments, plus photos of her sporting confederate gear, have served to focus scrutiny on what should be a slam dunk race in a deep red southern…

Trump ally Alan Dershowitz says Mueller report will be 'devastating to the president'
One of Trump’s defenders and presumed legal advisors is the renowned Alan Dershowitz. The Harvard law professor appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning. As he often does, the attorney who has represented…

Trump reckoned that the U.S. was paying top military leaders millions per year
Allegedly, Donald Trump has been making some noises about wanting to do something about the (Republican-created) record federal budget deficits. Allegedly. He is almost certainly not serious, unless someone mentions…

Is Putin doing a solid for Trump in Ukraine or are they...colluding
Indictments are coming and distractions are needed— why else would Trump close the southern border, but perhaps this little intervention was discussed in Paris with Vlad. Tonight’s speech in Mississippi should…

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