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Greenberg: Trump is Beginning to Lose His Grip
Writing in the New York Times, Stanley Greenberg says that Trump is beginning to lose his grip on power.  Greenberg is a pollster, and he says that it was not just white…

MUST READ: WaPo Editorial Board Absolutely Nails Fallacy of Trump Foreign Policy
I’m generally not a fan of “must read”-style articles. I generally prefer original analysis. So why am I writing one?  “Trump’s ‘America First’ means Americans lose”, posted Thursday afternoon by…

'Absolute Disgrace': When No One Looking, White House Plans to Dump Major Climate Report on Black Friday
Environmental groups, journalists, and climate scientists are reacting to the Trump administration's decision to release a major climate report the day after Thanksgiving—a move some are describing as an effort…

In Thanksgiving Eve News Dump, Facebook Admits Hiring GOP Operatives to Dig Up Dirt on Critics—Including George Soros
On the eve of Thanksgiving, in what many called a classic "news dump," Facebook confirmed reports that it hired a Republican-affiliated opposition research firm to dig up dirt on critics—most…

Thanks to Reporter Andrew Feinberg for This Blow by Blow Account of drumpf's Call to The Troops.
Big thanks to Andrew Feinberg correspondent for Breakfast Media for this account of Trump’s conversation with the troops today, some of which could be tacked onto the articles of impeachment.…

Don't forget the troops missing Thanksgiving with family in service of Trump's political stunt
The "caravan" was all Donald Trump wanted to talk about in the final weeks of the midterms. Trump promised an "invasion" full of "criminals and unknown Middle Easterners" who were…

Spare a thought for workers who don't get a Thanksgiving holiday
There are jobs that have to be done on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other day of the year. We need doctors and nurses and firefighters and police. Then there are…

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