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a Dumb A.F. POTUS*
We all thought we had left behind the presidency of stupidity with GW Bush, but now we are at a new low as we suffer through what projects to be the…

Adam Schiff is setting his sights on Trump's Dealings with Deutsche Bank
No wonder Trump is targeting Schiff with his recent Twitter tirades. Schiff knows what it means to “Follow The Money”. Schiff also knows who was Trump’s “Lender of Last Resort”.…

Right on Cue, Saudi Foreign Minister Uses Trump's Remarks to Legitimize Kingdom's Denials About Khashoggi Murder
A CNBC interview with the Saudi foreign minister indicated that officials in Saudi Arabia heard President Donald Trump's Tuesday message about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi loud and clear:…

Trump's newest Twitter target: Chief Justice John Roberts, who said a thing Trump didn't like
Nothing to see here, just your neighborhood idiot trying to legalsplain things to the chief justice of the United States as part of his ongoing tirade against the authority and integrity of…

White House moves to authorize use of 'lethal force' by troops at border; Mattis skeptical
Building on their already epic failure of a political stunt at the southern border, the White House has taken steps to authorize use of deadly force by U.S. troops should…

What am I thankful for? The Founding Fathers of course.
Actually, I’m thankful for a lot of things. A lovely wife and loving children. Parents who loved me enough to raise me and my brother right. The fact that I’m…

Yes I Can: A Modest Suggestion for "Time Magazine Person of the Year"
“The Man who spoke out. “  The Economist featured an obituary upon the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of the Saudi government.  They entitled it “The man who…

Michael Avenatti Absolved Of Felony Charges, Possibly Will Be Charged With Misdemeanor
In the much ado about nothing column this week, 24 year old actress Mareli Miniutti got a restraining order against 47 year old Michael Avenatti, after Avenatti allegedly hit her…

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