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Is Trump's 'Ponzi scheme' crumbling?
Several weeks ago, a GOP strategist told SiriusXM's Michelangelo Signorile that Donald Trump's hold on his followers is a Ponzi scheme. "It only works as long as it appears to…

Trump's 'babysitter' has reportedly had enough as bickering and in-fighting rule the White House
The in-fighting in the Trump White House continues as new firings and resignations are rumored to be imminent. Donald Trump is reportedly on the verge of firing Department of Homeland Security…

Outmatched and outclassed, weak Donald Trump is being publicly mocked by world leaders
Donald Trump didn’t have the stamina, the will, the dignity or the class to attend a World War I memorial ceremony in France with world leaders over the weekend. Citing…

‘Go F*ck Yourself, You Are Not Welcome In This Country’ Says French Talk Show Host To Trump
We have come a loooooong way since Jack and Jackie Kennedy took Paris by storm and all of France became enthralled to the Sorbonne-educated First Lady, who acted as translator…

Healthcare. Healthcare. Healthcare.
OK Democrats, in another two months it’s going to be time to put up or shut up. We got the House over the finish line, and we did it the…

CNN sues the White House over shutting out reporter Jim Acosta
Last week, the White House suspended the access of CNN reporter Jim Acosta following an incident during a bizarre and rambling press event. The excuse put forward by Press Secretary…

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