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Kellyanne Conway says White House tape wasn't 'altered,' it was just 'sped up'
White House "counselor" Kellyanne Conway was on television again on Sunday, because of course, she was. This time her job was to lie to Fox host Chris Wallace about the…

The Sickest Smackdown in Twitter History
If there was a Twitter Troll University, lesson one-O-one would surely be: Thou shalt not ever, under any circumstances, take on an Emergency Room surgeon under the hashtag #ThisIsMyLane (check it…

How Trumped are we?
Fascist A.F. “Infected ballots”? Note also that in Florida “absentee ballots from overseas military personnel and civilian volunteers can be accepted until Nov. 16, provided they were postmarked by election day.” “The president is effectively calling for the…

'You Sound Nervous': Gillum Mocks Trump as President Demands End to Florida Recount
Once again showing complete disdain for the democratic process as Florida, Arizona, and Georgia continue to tally votes from last week's midterm elections, President Donald Trump fired off a conspiracy-filled…

Rick Scott denied: Florida judge can't find 'any evidence' to impound Broward voting machines
A Florida judge on Monday morning denied Florida Governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott's request to impound Broward County voting machines and ballots when they were not in use, a…

No Thanksgiving with family for troops serving in Trump's military border stunt
It will be a grim Thanksgiving for the troops Donald Trump is sending to the border in his unnecessary, nativistic, operation to prevent asylum-seekers coming to the United States from…

Michelle Obama admits she 'stopped even trying to smile' during Trump's inauguration
Former first lady Michelle Obama is releasing a new memoir, Becoming, out this Tuesday. The memoir appears to cover a lot of ground: she talks about having a miscarriage, IVF…

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