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Trump Intends To Declare Victory Election Night Whether He’s Hit 270 Or Not
When you’re a magician, or a con artist, you have to keep coming up with bigger and bigger tricks and Donald Trump has a real show stopper planned for this…

There are many ways to rebalance the GOP-packed courts that go beyond expansion
Rather than any legitimate interpretation of constitutional law, all of the outcomes you can expect from the Supreme Court will now be solely based on how the decision will affect…

Biden-Harris enter homestretch with perfect ads from 2 very different voices: Brayden and The Boss
At this point, it seems unlikely anyone’s minds will change about their presidential candidate of choice. It seems like everyone knows the David Sedaris take on undecided voters, and I don’t…

They've Already Lost
I've been observing the tumultuous final stages of this 2020 Presidential campaign through my pandemic-imposed lockdown. From my vantage point, the evolving trends of the campaign form a pattern rising…

Trump’s Got ONE Path To Win and There’s Every Reason It Won’t Happen
This is the time in the election cycle where people who previously went out on a limb and predicted the outcome now waffle and say that it might be possible…

As early voting winds down across the country, voters are more determined to cast ballots than ever
Last Saturday was Vote Early Day, a joyful celebration of the great right and responsibility to shape the direction of this nation. The dispatches from Vote Early Day featured singing,…

Quack radiologist guiding US COVID-19 response finds a ready mouthpiece: Russian state television
Quackers gotta quack somewhere, I guess.  It may be impossible to find a better metaphor for this administration’s failed pandemic response than the fact that a glorified non-practicing radiologist with no…

'If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it away from you'
“Why does voting matter?” a kid asks in a new ad from the American Federation of Teachers. And, remote-learning style, a series of teachers offer their answers. Those answers range…

This is the America Now that All Need to Confront - and It's Heartbreaking
I’m typing this through a mist of tears. Many of you will have already seen this piece from Rachel Maddow’s show but for those who missed it, grab a box…

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