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Glenn Beck Just Declared Me ‘An Enemy Of Mankind’ Seriously
I wonder if I should start putting “enemy of mankind” in the box on my income tax return that says “occupation.” RWNJ radio host Glenn Beck just defined this term…

Trump SHOCKS FOX NEWS By Leaking Secret Deal for a Weekly Segment.
Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, Donald Trump has affirmed his cowardly approach to the media. The vast majority of his interviews have been reserved for the Fox News Trump-fluffers that…

Trump's coronavirus approval ratings in the battleground states should be disqualifying
A new coronavirus survey conducted in late August reveals Donald Trump's approval ratings on the pandemic to be damn near disqualifying for anyone seeking reelection to the highest office in the…

Patagonia has a new clothing label that’s getting people hot under the collar
Patagonia has been very openly in opposition to every terrible move made by the current Republican administration. They have dedicated the ill-gotten Republican tax-cut money to climate change grassroots activism. They…

Jon Stewart joins veterans in D.C. to demand attention for a deadly policy killing U.S. troops
For years the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been criticized for neglecting the issues of some veterans, including those affected by toxic fumes inhaled during deployments. Veterans advocates have…

‘Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden’ Doesn’t Have A Single Democrat — But They Do Have A Psychic
Desperate is as desperate does. A group called Americans for Responsible Government would have you believe that a group of Democrats, horrified at the mental state and leftist politics of…

Fox News calls Trump's ABC Town Hall an 'ambush'
I attempted to watch clips of Donald Trump’s ABC Town Hall from last night. It was like watching a concussed orangutan drown in a bucket of Yoo-hoo. Not sure why…

"He's Describing a Massacre": Trump Touts Herd Immunity Approach to Covid That Experts Warn Would Kill Millions
Insisting during a town hall Tuesday night that Covid-19 will simply disappear on its own—echoing a baseless claim he also made in February, March, April, May, June, July, and August—President…

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