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as COVID-19 ravages, Trump's Tulsa ‘criminal endangerment’ couldn't possibly be a bioweapon attack
Pence lies about curve flattening and Trumpists are so enamored of IMPOTUS* that they might sacrifice themselves without voting. Dick Cheney’s cardiologist calls Trump’s Tulsa rally “criminal endangerment”. "In a…

'It Was a Fake Meat Shortage': Reporting Suggests Industry Sacrificed Workers During Pandemic to Keep Exports Moving
As workers in meat processing plants around the country earlier this year fell ill with the coronavirus, threatening production, industry leaders appealed to the government to allow the facilities to…

The hospitals are filling up #DuceyDeath coming soon to AZ
It's not just cases, Hospitalizations have risen almost 90% since AZ Gov Ducey lifted restrictions. From the Arizona Department of Health. The propaganda: There is a line of bullshit propaganda, sorry:  “Republican…

'As Pathetic as It Is Reckless': Mike Pence Ripped for Dismissing Surge in Covid-19 Cases
A day after encouraging governors to parrot White House falsehoods about why Covid-19 cases are spiking in states across the U.S., Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday dismissed fears of…

Russia's 2020 reelection interference: Trump could absolve the IRA but get a secondary infection
More monkey business. One hopes the USIC is working hard on protecting the 2020 election, especially form unnamed other malign actors. Forgeries, interference, and attacks on Kremlin critics across six…

Trump Administration Sued for 'Destructive' Denial of Covid-19 Relief Loans to Small Business Owners With Criminal Records
A coalition of civil rights groups including the ACLU sued the Trump administration on Tuesday for denying coronavirus relief loans to small business owners with criminal records, arguing the restrictive…

‘Tulsa’ Newest Lincoln Project Ad Shows What Real Leaders Sound Like — and Then There’s Trump
Nothing like going to Tulsa in a pandemic, claiming to have enough attendees to jam the stadium 15 times over, and knowing about the race massacre that occurred there 99…

Economic recovery has barely started but it's already boosting inequality
Unemployment is still terrible, but with some signs of improvement. What signs of improvement is an interesting question, and The New York Times’ Upshot jobless tracker suggests the answer is all too predictable, because what’s more…

'Make America Grim Again': With Only 14% Very Happy, Americans Haven't Been This Sad Overall Since Nixon
Three months into the coronavirus pandemic, which has now killed more than 116,000 Americans, people across the United States are reporting lower levels of happiness than at any point since the…

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