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New Campaign Prepares Mass Mobilization Should Trump Refuse to 'Leave Willingly' If Defeated in November
"I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election... if I win." That was then-candidate Donald Trump's message to his supporters and the nation just a…

Brutal New Biden Ad
Just saw this a little while ago from the Biden Campaign.  It’s a short ad on Twitter, not sure if they have a YouTube version, but it’s fantastic in that…

ICC Denounces 'Unprecedented Attacks' by Trump Administration
The International Criminal Court on Thursday rebuked the Trump administration for slapping sanctions and travel restrictions on court staff investigating alleged war crimes committed by U.S., calling the action "an…

Abrams Tells Meghan McCain Like It Is
In an interview on “The View”, Stacey Abrams responds to Meghan McCain’s explanation that the reason for the election fiasco in the Georgia primary this week was complications because of…

Trump mysteriously disappears from Senate Republican campaign ads
In early February, all but one Republican senator outright voted to acquit Donald Trump of impeachment charges without so much as hearing from one single witness. But judging by Senate…

Trump's advisers are suddenly worried about his racism, but they can't get him to stop
Racism has always been Donald Trump’s go-to electoral move, but suddenly it’s not working so well for him. Being Trump, he’s doubling down on the racism—which has many Republicans, including…

Trump Intentionally Juices Racial Hatred With His Choice of Venues and Dates To Kick Off Campaign
There is tone deaf, there is oblivious and then there is Donald Trump. He’s starting up his MAGA rallies on June 19 in Tulsa. Juneteenth, or Emancipation Day, commemorates the anniversary of…

McConnell in full troll mode, running against the 'lawless left' and its plans to 'pack the courts'
Check out this video that has appeared on the Mitch McConnell for Senate YouTube page despite having all the hallmarks of being an outtake from a local used car lot ad. It's a horrible…

New Report Details How Tear Gas Used to 'Crush Peaceful Protests' Around the World
Amnesty International on Thursday presented the findings of a year-long study of the global tear gas trade, which the group says is fueling human rights violations all over the world…

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