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Marine Corps Bans Confederate Flag
Well, how about that.  On Friday, the United States Marine Corps issued an administrative order banning the Confederate flag from all Marine installations. Here’s the key part of the order:…

Trump’s Disastrous St. John’s Photo Op Marks the End Of His Reality TV Presidency
Future historians will pore over the events of early 2020 and seek to connect all the dots in a tight little package, as they seek to answer the question, “What…

Ali Velshi on what is happening to the Press
The following is a Thread Reader unroll of a 13-tweet thread by Velshi, who is becoming one of the most pointed commentators on cable tv, of what he said in…

Second autopsy of George Floyd reveals unreported injuries and positive COVID-19 diagnosis
Critical differences in findings surfaced with a new autopsy report conducted by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office and released by George Floyd’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump, on Wednesday. Floyd’s…

Thousands forced back into unsafe job conditions as the pandemic refuses to understand economics
Today I received an email from the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (where I apparently stayed many years ago, back when the world was different). Their president and…

NYT: Bush, Romney won't support Trump; Colin Powell will vote for Biden
To be sure, I am not a fan of George W. Bush, no matter how many candies he hands Michelle Obama. But if Bush was a big, jagged kidney stone…

'Gross Abuse of Authority': AOC, Pressley Join Probe Into Trump Use of Predator Drones to Surveil Protesters
Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, are investigating the Trump administration's potentially illegal use of predator drones and unidentified law enforcement officers to…

'No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed': Thousands in Spain, UK Rally at US Embassies in Solidarity With America's Anti-Racist Uprising
After the U.S. saw its largest demonstrations yet over the police killing of George Floyd, massive demonstrations kicked off Sunday outside of the U.S. embassies in the United Kingdom and…

Huge number of protests against police violence encouraging, but there's a tough fight ahead
Braving the still raging coronavirus and the potential for being tear-gassed and bloodied by unprovoked cops showing their skill with billy-clubs, in cities large and small, hundreds of thousands of mostly…

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