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The Trump Impeachment

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Far-Right Trump Backers Biggest Purveyors of Sensationalist, Low-Quality News: Oxford Study
Right-wingers' consumption of "junk news" is harmful to democracy, researchers find

Trump administration planning to jack up the rent for low-income families
People in subsidized housing are joining people on Medicaid and food stamps on the Trump chopping block: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would allow public housing authorities…

White House Kept Porter on, Despite Knowing of Wife Abuse
According to the Daily Beast, the White House spent a full day ratcheting up a defense of aide Rob Porter, even after the horrific details his past spousal assault hit…

Trump Evangelical Advisor: "Christians Immune From Flu"
This is Gloria Copeland, and she has a job. Unlike me, people pay money to hear what she has to say, or something. Copeland is also on Trump's "Evangelical Executive…

Nancy Pelosi breaks the record for a House 'filibuster' on behalf of Dreamers
Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi took the floor at 10:04 Wednesday morning to begin telling the stories of America's Dreamers, the young people who were brought to the U.S. by their…

FBI Texts Are NOT "Bombshells."
Trump began his day today stating that the latest FBI texts released this morning are "BOMBSHELLS" (his caps, I am not linking a tweet that is pure Pravda-Worthy Propoganda). FBI…

Trump Says Fox News Story Is A "Bombshell" In Fact It's A Fraud
Fox News released a banner story Wednesday alleging that the Strzok/Page texts reveal that Barack Obama sought detailed briefings from the FBI on the Clinton emails and that Strzok/Page were…

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