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Ann Coulter bails on Trump... what?
Trump’s information warfare is nothing if but consistent, but he’s now pushed some of his opportunistic brood of RW pundits to the brink of disassociation because the 2020 outcome is…

Why Do Trump Supporters Still Stand By Him? Why Are They Ignoring the Virus Threat?
Even at the best of times, understanding what goes on in the minds of Trump supporters and conservatives, in general, is a puzzle. They profess beliefs that are disconnected from…

Trump on the golf course for a second day
"Church "rights" crusader Donald J. Trump is not going to church this fine Sunday on his way to golf. Though he will likely drive by many large churches in McLean,…

shenanigans: swing-state GOP stooges can overturn the election amid the chaos
Wisconsin and Michigan are among the last stands for Trump and the GOP to pull election tricks like 2000 and 2016. It may be some of the few schemes remaining…

Trump: I'm the worst thing to ever happen to Russia, but Putin likes me
The Trump Crazy Train never stops, so if you want to get on, understand you’ll have to risk your life to do it. This isn’t some snowflake cult where you…

Lindsey Graham's Two Faces is Great Attack Ad As Graham Drops in Polls
Lindsey Graham won his senate seat by a comfortable fifteen point margin in 2014, according to Newsweek. But things have changed and now his race has gone from “solid” Republican to…

Early Memorial Day party shows just how toothless Missouri social distancing rules are
Crowds packed Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks Saturday, kickstarting a dangerous Memorial Day weekend during the coronavirus pandemic, and social media users definitely took notice. Lake of the Ozarks was trending…

The NYT Front Page - Sunday, May 24, 2020
The front page of the Sunday, May 24 edition of the New York Times is as shown above. No pictures, no stories, no editorials or opinions pieces — just a solemn…

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