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Lincoln Project is going after McConnell - and I think they will get the turtle!
I know they have been working strategies to do in McConnell for months. They are ready. He will have a REAL bad week! They will be needing more funds if…

Nurses are heroes, as long as they keep their mouths shut.
Of course, HCA Healthcare lashed out at the union because how dare the nurses have a voice that questions their rule. They also are deeply disappointed and are the victims of the…

Trump and Republicans have screwed up so royally, Democrats might just dominate in November
Back in December I penned a 'dare to dream' piece in which I imagined the slim possibility that Republicans could get absolutely crushed in November. I can't claim responsibility for…

Trump pushes for hugely more expensive shipping in his war on the Postal Service
Team Trump is not dropping its effort to kill off the U.S. Postal Service, but it has found a slightly new spin. It’s not that Trump wants to kill the Postal Service,…

If COVID-19 teaches us anything, it's that government should not and cannot be run like a business
The coronavirus pandemic has changed much about American politics and society—but not everything. One constant is that Republicans believe a lot of stupid things about how to run a country.…

Robert Reich to 'essential workers': When this is over, go on strike
It’s the second time the same FedEx driver has delivered a large box of wine to my doorstep. Only this time, as I thanked him from behind my screen storm…

Oil Companies Can Set Their Own Rates for Royalties From Drilling on Public Lands Thanks to Trump: Report
In a display of loyalty to what Greenpeace called "the most polluting industry in history," the Trump administration is allowing dozens of oil and gas companies to set their own rates…

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