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Obama is Baiting Trump
Two columns and a Facebook post caught my attention this morning: Obama Lives in Trump’s Head by Charles Blow (NYT) and This is why Trump is back to attacking Obama by Jennifer…

Eric Trump claims his poor papa is being deprived of campaign rallies because of COVID-19 lockdowns
Eric Trump, the president’s son, spewed his usual nonsense on Fox News Sunday, this time to advocate for the senior Trump’s all-so-important right to campaign during the coronavirus pandemic. During…

Fingers crossed: Coronavirus vaccine trial has positive early results; further trials on fast track
Coronavirus is not likely to stop being a life-defining crisis until there’s a safe, effective vaccine. So this is very good—although very preliminary—news: Early results of the first vaccine in…

The corrupt cronyism between President Apprentice DJ Trump and WWE's Vince McMahon
DJ Trump and Vince McMahon share a special bond. The bond between President Apprentice DJ Trump and Vince McMahon is strong and immutable. They have been doing material favors for each…

'Neither Ironic or Funny': Cell Data Reveals Right-Wing Lockdown Protesters May Be Spreading Covid-19
Cellphone data provided to The Guardian by advocacy group Committee to Protect Medicare shows that the right-wing anti-lockdown protests encouraged by President Donald Trump may have resulted in the spread of…

Pompeo tries to bash China over poor COVID-19 response, steps on rake
One of the problems with incompetent authoritarianism is that it doesn't "get" irony. At all. Ever. It appears that Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who successfully lobbied Trump to…

CDC official pushes back after attack from White House trade adviser
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro lashed out at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday as he struggled to deflect blame for the Trump administration’s disastrous coronavirus response.…

House Democrats Demand Trump State Department Turn Over 'Secret Plan' to Slash Social Security Amid Pandemic
House Democrats are demanding that the Trump administration turn over to Congress all documents related to an internal State Department plan that reportedly proposes giving Americans direct cash payments in…

A whistleblower says banks have been inflating bundled loan values again—it looks like he's right
Briefly interrupting ever-bleaker pandemic news, we momentarily turn our attention to Wall Street, which has been clamoring for a hasty economic reopening regardless of expert advice to the contrary. A…

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