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27 million likely have lost health insurance in epidemic, and Trump still wants to destroy the ACA
The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that as of the beginning of this month, 27 million people are in danger of losing their employer-provided health insurance because of jobs lost to the…

Americans should remember that Trump's inaction has already ruined their summer
This year, the months of summer— June, July and August, when kids are out of school, college campuses shut down, and Americans normally make plans for vacations, outings, camping trips,…

Biden promises to reverse Trump's perversion of the Justice Department
Former Vice President Joe Biden is pledging that, as president, he would treat his attorney general as an independent lawyer for the nation, not as his own personal fixer. Biden…

McConnell busted, he replaces one outrageous lie with another
This past Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was a lying sack of crap. “They claim pandemics only happen once every hundred years but what if that's no longer true?…

New York barber tests positive for COVID-19 after defying stay-at-home order for weeks
On Wednesday, Ulster County Health Commissioner Dr. Carol Smith announced that a barber in Kingston, New York, had tested positive for COVID-19. Dr. Smith made this announcement because the barber…

US Postal Service Reportedly Considering Price Hikes as Trump's Takeover of the Beloved Agency Accelerates
With the leadership of the U.S. Postal Service soon to be completely under the control of President Donald Trump's appointees, the agency has reportedly launched a review of its package…

DeVos Sued Over New Title IX Rules That Make It 'Easier for Schools to Sweep Sexual Violence Under the Rug'
The ACLU on Thursday filed suit to block provisions of the Department of Education's controversial new rules set to take effect in August governing how all U.S. schools, including higher…

House takes up $3 trillion COVID-19 bill, rule change to keep the House at work during crisis
It's going to be a long day in the House as most members have returned to consider two bills: the CARES Act—the next coronavirus stimulus bill that has an uncertain…

A dozen states start reopening despite the COVID-19 numbers screaming 'no'
Only one state currently meets even the White House’s lax standards for reopening businesses, but a whole lot more states are relaxing their shutdowns in the coming days. A dozen states are…

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