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The backlash over fumbled coronavirus stimulus is starting, and it's all on Trump
After a concerted two decades of Republican efforts to destroy government—to the extent that they put a corrupt, sociopathic clown of a Russian puppet in the White House—it shouldn't come…

Deaths from COVID-19 are being highly underreported and in some cases that appears to be deliberate
An earlier study looking at sites around the world came to a clear conclusion—deaths due to COVID-19 are being underreported. Deaths in those nations where the novel coronavirus has become…

Coronavirus Commemorative Coin? Of Course There Is. Because Trump.
Right now, folks, you can pre-order, at the special low, low price of $100 USD, a commemorative coin issued by the White House with Dear Leader's ugly mug on it! …

Trump has ordered plants open in violation of safety regulations ... so regulations are going away
The war on workers now includes biological weapons. Deliberately exposing enemy prisoners to COVID-19 would be a war crime. Deliberately exposing workers at meat processing plants is ... a Donald Trump executive…

On Frontlines Against Covid-19, Healthcare 'Heroes' Across US at Risk From Underlying Illness, Poverty, and No Insurance
A new study on the crisis of underlying illness, poverty, and lack of insurance within the medical profession prompted the advocacy group Physicians for a National Health Program on Wednesday…

Republicans are creating a fake movement designed to kill workers and enrich corporations. Again.
When it comes to states that should be talking about “getting back to normal,” Iowa should be very, very far down the list. The state is in the middle of…

Senate Democrats unveil bill tapping Pentagon to federalize medical supply chain, sidelining Trump
Senate Democrats unveiled legislation Wednesday that would put the Pentagon in charge of centralizing production and distribution of the nation's medical equipment, something Donald Trump has inexplicably declined to do…

Poll Shows Tens of Millions of Americans Would Avoid Covid-19 Treatment Over Cost Fears
A Gallup poll out Tuesday indicates that tens of millions of U.S. adults would avoid seeking potentially life-saving medical treatment for Covid-19 symptoms due to fears about their ability to…

'Lining Up at the Trough': Federal Reserve to Offer Corporations $500 Billion No-Strings-Attached Bailout Loophole
A Federal Reserve program approved by Congress and aimed at providing emergency relief to large companies contains a "catch" which will permit the corporations to lay off employees and spend the…

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