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Trump Told He’s Got One Month To Win Reelection Or He Won’t — So Get Ready To Reopen and Die
In the movie Blade Runner the Rutger Hauer character catches up with his girlfriend, another replicant, played by Darryl Hannah, and gives her the bad news of how they’re getting…

Chuck Todd is incredulous as Pence's hollow sales pitch flops and Mike twists in the wind
Chuck Todd went right to the crux of the Trump Administration’s most glaring inadequacy with this question. Meet the Press - April 19, 2020 CHUCK TODD: Do you believe governors…

EXPOSED: Trump’s Medical Supply Theft Hypocrisy
Rachel Maddow has a rule of thumb for dealing with the Trump cabal that I like repeating, Don’t pay attention to what they say, pay attention to what they do. But…

Warren Says by Backing Protests, Trump Is 'Trying to Turn This Health Crisis Into a Political Rally for Himself'
Democratic lawmakers have joined with advocacy groups in criticizing President Donald Trump for encouraging recent protests against stay-at-home orders enacted by state and local governments in response to the ongoing…

To avoid Fed confiscation Illinois Governor secretly bought PPEs from China. White House unhappy!
Illinois Governor Pritzker has obtained much needed medical supplies from China, without Trump’s and the Federal government’s knowledge, behind their backs.  And the White House is not happy about it. …

Reflections on "Trump is insane: And it's time for leading Democrats to say that out loud" in Salon
This story in Salon prompted me to reflect on my own and other psychotherapists’ attempts to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous psychopathology. Excerpt: The United States of America…

'What we thought we knew, we don't know,' doctors say of COVID-19
Much of the concern about treating COVID-19 patients has focused on ventilators—specifically, whether hospitals will have enough ventilators to treat everyone who needs them. But, with a high death rate among patients…

Proud Boys' ex-attorney used his comrades to spy on man he wanted to kill, police say
In case there was any question about the character of the right-wing thugs attracted to street-brawling outfits like the Proud Boys, this week’s news provides only the latest example of…

Conservatives against COVID lockdowns couldn't possibly have death wishes or dog whistles
#COVIDIOTS — because irony ain’t dead, it’s just not wearing a surgical mask.  Don't even try to make sense of it - "It's just a hodgepodge of dog whistles". An Oral…

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