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Trump planning to blame others if his strategy to 're-open' the country results in more deaths
The Washington Post is reporting that the administration, aided by pro-business right wing organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), FreedomWorks and the Heritage Foundation, is preparing a…

'When it’s my time to go, God’s going to call me home': Trumpites organize to defy quarantines
Yeah, this wouldn’t be the first time a bunch of angry dipshits totally f*#ked up our country. But this time their stupidity and obstinance seem particularly egregious.  As Trumpites increasingly…

Another Republican Governor proves herself to be a damn fool
The somnambulent, non-response of most Republican state governors to the worst public health crisis to strike the United States in over a century has been a textbook case in magical…

Donald Trump's failure to act on COVID-19 can be directly measured in thousands of lives
A large portion of the daily Donald Trump ego-athon is devoted to the ludicrous idea that Trump acted either promptly or appropriately to the threat of COVID-19. While Trump continues…

Trump led us to slaughter. A tale of real leadership shows how different it could have been
In a weekend report, the New York Times detailed all the real-time warnings Donald Trump ignored as far back as January as a group of public health experts across the…

will Trump and Kushner make a killing from COVID-19 aid
Had Trump acted during his “lost month” 90% of US deaths could have been prevented. And then there’s the grifting and looting: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House…

How much does Trump love Rush Limbaugh? Enough to ditch his crazy plan to host a daily radio show
Welcome, folks, to Volume 4026.3 of “Crazy Things You Never Imagined a President Doing.” Today’s New York Times reported that The Man Who Lost The Popular Vote came up with…

White-collar professionals are the new unemployed, which could make Congress a lot more generous
The first round of lost jobs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic hit the kind of people lawmakers in Washington—in all their disconnect from actual people's actual lives—figured a $1,200 check would…

Analysis Reveals 'Rotten, Un-American Giveaway' GOP Buried in COVID-19 Relief Package to Overwhelmingly Benefit Millionaires
Democratic lawmakers and progressive critics expressed outrage Tuesday after a nonpartisan congressional body found that nearly 82% of benefits from a Republican tax provision in the most recent coronavirus relief…

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