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Fear Not. Ivanka Is Joining Second COVID-19 Task Force to Rescue Entire Economy
As well you know, Donald Trump is dying to reopen the nation, “sooner, rather than later” despite all expert advice telling him this is a rotten idea. Andrew Cuomo said…

Trump’s Compulsion Is Killing His Campaign
There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But all of them leave the cat dead Trust me on this, for I know of what I speak. From the…

Kentucky Governor Beshear To Quarantine Churchgoers. Guess Who Throws Hissy Fits?
Rule of thumb:  If Rand Paul and Congressman Thomas Massie are screaming, you are doing something right.  Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has been pleading for weeks with churches, synagogues, mosques…

This zombie theory about early spread of coronavirus needs to die once and for all
The 2019 coronavirus does not generate zombies. However, it seems to continually spawn variations on the same “theory” that no silver bullet, stake to the heart, or head shot can…

Donald Trump is psychologically decompensating by Dr. Jeri Fink
There’s been a lot of talk (and books) about Donald Trump’s fragile mental health. He’s been diagnosed as, among many things, pathological narcissist, psychopath, and bipolar. Whichever mental illness you…

'Putting Profits Over People': Unions Warn New Covid-19 Guidance From Trump CDC Endangers Frontline Workers
Labor unions representing millions of nurses and other frontline workers across the U.S. are voicing outrage at new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that allows essential…

Here in WNY we have ventured back to winter after weeks of spring.  There is now snow on the ground, ice on flower buds, and even golf ball-sized hail.  When…

Oxfam: worldwide COVID-19 pandemic may push an additional half billion people into poverty
A report from international anti-poverty group Oxfam warns that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and its associated impacts could push an additional half billion people into poverty—between six and eight percent…

"They're Crooks": Coal Industry Aims to Exploit Coronavirus Crisis to Cut Payments to Miners With Black Lung
Some of the largest coal companies in the United States are using the coronavirus crisis to pressure Congress to slash the tax that finances the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund,…

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