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MSNBC Cuts Into Briefing So Doctor Can Refute Trump's "Mystifying" Claim That Zinc Can Treat Covid-19
Dr. Vin Gupta, a critical care physician and lung health expert, said Wednesday night that he has seen no evidence to support President Donald Trump's assertion that zinc—paired with other…

Bill O'Reilly to Hannity: Many coronavirus victims 'were on their last legs anyway'
So when four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya, following an attack on our embassy, Republicans spent the next four years acting as if the plague had come to America and…

'No One Independent Is Watching': Lack of Oversight Fuels Fears of Trump Effort to Corrupt Coronavirus Relief
With the rollout of a multi-trillion-dollar coronavirus relief package underway and off to a disastrous start, watchdog groups are raising alarm about the near-total lack of meaningful oversight in place…

Playing the Republican victim card, grifter Loeffler says she's liquidating her stocks
The newest Republican senator, Georgia's Kelly Loeffler, has proven to be a very fast learner when it comes to grifting in her new job. Loeffler, who is probably the single…

'Return to Normalcy' Not Going to Be Enough to Win Our Support, Young Progressives Tell Joe Biden
A group of progressive, youth-led organizations on Wednesday released an open letter to former Vice President Joe Biden urging the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to "champion the bold ideas" that…

After dismissing IG report on hospitals, Trump cites Hannity to say all is well
States and hospitals continue to scramble to try to secure the protective gear doctors, nurses, and all hospital personnel need against coronavirus infection, as well as ventilators and other equipment…

COVID-19 has taken just 43 days to blow past the deaths that the H1N1 pandemic generated in a year
For months, every time Donald Trump was confronted over his downplaying of COVID-19, his lack of a national policy, his failure to plan for the impact of the disease or…

'Brazen' Ousting of Watchdog on Coronavirus Relief Oversight Panel by Trump Under Fire
A pair of advocacy groups that monitor the White House strongly condemned on Tuesday President Donald Trump's dismissal of Glenn Fine, the inspector general tasked with overseeing the federal government's…

After Sanders Exits Race, Climate Campaigners Thank Him for 'Raising the Bar' and Urge Biden to 'Step Up'
The end of Bernie Sanders' second campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday provoked an immediate wave of praise from climate campaigners for the Vermont senator's ambitious plans to…

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