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'This President Has Blood on His Hands': Trump Again Urges Public to Take Anti-Malaria Drug for Coronavirus, Despite Reports of Danger
The nation's top expert on infectious diseases was forced once again on Sunday to negate President Donald Trump's latest claim that an anti-malaria drug can treat coronavirus, which the president…

Sean Hannity Walks Back Previous COVID-19 Comments, Says MSM Are the Real Conspiracy Theorists
Imagine a world where lying has become an art form. There would be an American Liars Institute, which would give out Life Achievement Awards. There would be an Oscar for…

Keeping churches open on Easter is a new form of snake handling as eight red states remain "open"
Arizona still has golf courses open because they are “essential businesses” as Trump yesterday stated that he’d like Easter services to take place, albeit outside. Trump does seem under the…

Irreligious nut Trump suggests reopening churches just for Easter
In his perpetual and largely successful quest to convince easily gulled rubes that he’s the most Christiany Christian who ever Christianed, Donald Trump continually goes through the motions to make…

Biden: August's Democratic National Convention may have to be a 'virtual convention'
On ABC's This Week, frontrunning Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told host George Stephanopoulos that the Democratic National Convention, which has already been postponed until mid-August, might not happen at…

Bernie's Campaign Manager, Top Strategist, Think It's Time to Go
Latest reporting from WaPo: Some top Sanders advisers urge him to consider withdrawing.  “Top Sanders advisers” includes his own campaign manager and his strategist: A small group of Bernie Sanders’s top…

COVID-19: It was never about the numbers, but sometimes numbers are all we have
The story of the pandemic is the story of people. The soaring numbers on charts and tables aren’t numbers of cars rolling off an assembly line, or the distance between…

'Reckless': Chaos Expected in Tuesday's Elections After Wisconsin Republicans Refuse to Cancel In-Person Voting
Despite warnings from public health experts and legal challenges by voting rights groups, the Democratic primary and state and local elections are set to go forward on Tuesday after Republican…

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