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'About Time': Women's Groups Applaud Resignation of MSNBC Host Chris Matthews After 'Decades-Long History of Misogyny'
Women's rights groups and advocates applauded the resignation of longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews Monday evening as a necessary—if "beyond overdue"—a step that came just three days after GQ columnist…

Lawyer releases 2 days' worth of Roger Stone deposition and, oh boy: It’s wild
In the days leading up to Roger Stone’s sentencing for involving himself in a conspiracy to help foreign interests influence our 2016 presidential election, Judge Amy Berman Jackson allowed Stone…

Facebook made The Daily Caller an official fact-checker; here are the results
This is pretty chilling.  The truth DOES matter, but Facebook is not trying to help weed out the nonsense; it's promoting it! Actually, Trump has, rather recklessly, minimized the threat…

Biden says he's open to a Republican running mate
Here’s the stark truth that Biden and his supporters are unwilling or unable to accept: Donald Trump is not a departure from the values defining the Republican Party, but the…

Coronavirus misinformation is threatening to become a pandemic of its own on WhatsApp
When you think about places where misinformation spreads, you might think Facebook or Twitter. These days, you should also be thinking WhatsApp. But while misinformation on Facebook and Twitter spreads…

A Couple Of Mile Markers For Tonight
Geez, I live for this shit! Half of the time, I’d rather watch Super Tuesday than the Super Bowl. Especially with all of the last minute twists and turns that…

'The Door Is Open, Come On In,' Sanders Says to Buttigieg and Klobuchar Supporters as Centrists Line Up Behind Biden
During a rally in Saint Paul, Minnesota on the eve of Super Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders invited supporters of Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar to join his multi-generational grassroots…

Record-Breaking Warm Weather Expected Around Globe As Human-Caused Climate Crisis Now As Powerful As El Niño's Effects, Says WMO
As countries accustomed to cold, snowy winters reported record-breaking warm weather this season, meteorological experts on Monday predicted that temperatures over the next several months will also be warmer than…

It's Super Tuesday: 14 states and a huge pile of delegates are up for grabs as Biden surges
Fourteen states are voting and about a third of delegates are at stake today in the Democratic presidential primary, a primary that has dramatically reconfigured in recent days, with former…

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