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Susan Collins celebrates the return of the Trump-like Paul LePage to Maine politics
At a Republican dinner in Lewiston, Maine, on Saturday night, Sen. Susan Collins gave a rousing welcome to former Gov. Paul LePage, whined about dark money being spent against her,…

As Hearing Begins, Rights Groups Warn Extraditing Assange to US Would Deal 'Body Blow to Press Freedom'
Press freedom advocates slammed the U.S. over its pending espionage charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Monday as the first phase of Assange's extradition trial began in London. Groups including…

Trump's helping Moscow muck with our elections fits the strict constitutional definition of treason
Throughout the history of the Republic, traitorous and treasonous have held a broader, more generic meaning for treason than the one found in the U.S. Constitution. The rebellious founders, having themselves been traitors to…

Trump is prepping a massive purge of officials seen as disloyal
Donald Trump continues his march to autocracy, planning his largest purge of government officials yet. And he’s getting outside help in assembling his enemies list, with a conservative activist network…

Trump Administration Extorted Julian Assange After Pardon Attempt Fell Through, says Assange Lawyer
The trial of Julian Assange continues apace in Woolwich Crown Court, where Monday the Trump administration was accused of extortion. Defense: “Whole pardon business shows that just as prosecution was…

Bloomberg is going to try to do something new by not crashing and burning in the next debate
As a megabillionaire, Michael Bloomberg is not accustomed to having to admit that he failed. The life of a billionaire is all about protecting men from that kind of thing.…

LOL: The Fascist States of America
As one of the more visible steps in tRump’s effort to remake America into a fascist state, he is expected to release a new Executive Order this week to deface…

JP Morgan Economists Warn of 'Catastrophic Outcomes' of Human-Caused Climate Crisis
Climate campaigners on Friday expressed hope that policymakers who are stalling on taking decisive climate action would reconsider their stance in light of new warnings from an unlikely source: two…

#MeToo Harvey Weinstein guilty on 2 of 5 counts
"I'm Harvey Weinstein-- you know what I can do." Weinstein, whose signature throughout forty years of allegations was lack of accountability, has been declared guilty on two counts in his…

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