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Mike Pence’s Chief Of Staff Throws Bill Barr To the Wolves
Don’t look for too much honor among thieves, at least not in this White House. Nobody is safe from anybody, as long as the agenda of the Big Orange Goon…

LOL: There Is No Defense
How many republican congresslackeys does it take to hold tRump accountable?  — It’s a trick question.  It can’t be done.  Just ask Amash and Romney. When they were handing out…

Trump fans freak after Fox network cuts away from Trump's Daytona 500 speech
For some reason, I wasn’t watching this live. I mean, on a good day, choosing between watching a NASCAR race or a Trump speech is like deciding whether to eat…

Documentarian Ken Burns warned Trump's rise would be 'Hitler-esque'—here's what else he predicted
The following quote is by award-winning filmmaker and documentarian Ken Burns. Millions have enjoyed his many acclaimed films on PBS. Some of those documentaries include The Civil War, The Central Park Five, The Roosevelts, The Vietnam War, College Behind Bars, Jazz, Baseball,…

OUCH! FOX News Reminds Kellyanne Conway that Trump is a Serial Sexual Predator
There are innumerable reasons to be disgusted by Donald Trump. He is an unapologetic racist who praised neo-Nazis as "very fine people.". He ripped babies from their parents' arms and…

Saving Private Bonespurs and Other Trump Movie Titles Trending on Twitter
#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump is up and trending today. All you have to do is replace Trump with a movie title — and add a picture, if you like. As ridiculous as Trump…

Facebook changes policy for ads after Bloomberg memes make a buzz on Instagram
The Bloomberg campaign “contracted” (paid) influencers to share (mostly wry, humorous) 2020 hopeful Mike Bloomberg memes on Instagram, as reported by The New York Times. Now, Facebook has changed a…

The Trump administration hopes that America's hunters and fishermen can be played for fools
Over the first nine days of February, thousands of hunters, fishermen, gun aficionados, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts poured into an annual central Pennsylvania event: the Great American Outdoor Show. Prominently sponsored by the…

Pete Buttigieg retorts: Not going to 'take lectures on family values' from Rush Limbaugh
Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and 2020 presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg gracefully responded to Rush Limbaugh’s homophobic comments on his sexuality, marriage, and candidacy when appearing on CNN’s State of the…

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