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Did McConnell Bribe Lisa Murkowski’s Impeachment Vote w/Grant Money To Port of Alaska?
It has been pointed out that Mitt Romney did not fear Trump’s wrath for his vote to convict for the reasons that he’s more popular in his state than Trump…

LOL: A Party Without a Clue
The republicans have goose-stepped their way right past not having a plan onward to not having a freakin’ clue.  Government is not the problem.  Irresponsible government is the problem.  And…

Yovanovitch laments 'amoral' and visionless state of the State Department at award ceremony
In her first public comments since the impeachment hearings, retired Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch told students at Georgetown University Wednesday that her former employer is currently in a shambles. “Right now, the State Department…

It Could Be SO Much Worse
I’ll be blunt, right about now, we should be totally fucked. I mean, we should be fucked six ways to Sunday. Our entire system of government is based on the…

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Trump's 'Work-or-Die' Medicaid Requirements in Arkansas
Healthcare advocates on Friday applauded a federal appeals court decision striking down the Trump administration's Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas after a three-judge panel unanimously ruled that the proposed rule…

Stacey Abrams is Raising a Lot of Money to Protect Voting Rights. Good.
Stacey Abrams is Raising a Lot of Money to Protect Voting Rights. Good.  Stacey Abrams, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, is the former Georgia House Minority leader, progressive…

Do more Days/Daze of Disinformation remain as RWNJs float a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket
This cannot be the government that America deserves in 2020, but there will be a repeat of 2016 if only because Trumpists lack the intelligence even if they had the…

MIT report on voting app demonstrates how critical it is to have election security legislation
One of the online voting technologies that's already made it out for testing in five states is highly insecure, according to a new report published Thursday by researchers from MIT.…

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