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Does Trump Have Impeachment Dementia Or Are His Lies Just Getting More Bizarre?
There is something grossly disturbing about how extreme Donald Trump has become in his frantic outbursts decrying the fact that he has been impeached. It's like watching a paranoid schizophrenic…

House Democrats apt response to the White House claims of “Privileges and Immunities” for Trump
The House of Representatives sent their response to the White House's claims Trump is effectively above our laws, due to all of his imaginary “Privileges and Immunities” the Trump White House claims Trump enjoys. Democrats'…

Rudy Giuliani, Godfather to Lev Parnas’ Child, Dumps Parnas
In late October Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arraigned in New York City on charges of conspiracy to funnel foreign money into American elections. A reporter asked Parnas, “What…

“Blind Allegiance” Is Killing Mitch McConnell
I can tell you exactly when I think Mitch McConnell lost any chance of getting out of this whole impeachment scandal unscathed. And it might surprise you to find that…

McConnell’s Strategy, ‘Run Like Hell, Pray For No Surprises’
Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) opined recently how “surreal” it is to begin the Senate impeachment trial “on a day when major news continues to break.” Surreptitious might better describe these…

In Historic Shift, Second Largest Physicians Group in US Has New Prescription: It's Medicare for All
The fight for Medicare for All received a two-handed boost from tens of thousands of doctors on Monday when the American College of Physicians—in a move described as a "seachange…

#MidnightMoscowMitch Trending As Senate Trial Burns Midnight Oil
Moonshine is made at night, history is made at night, and now Senate cover ups join the list of the nocturnally manufactured. Maybe Mitch McConnell figures he’ll just wear everybody…

'Love Letter to Capitalism and War': Progressive Scorn Follows New
A flood of criticism has been directed at the New York Times overnight and into Monday following its dual endorsement of Democratic presidential candidates Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren after…

Countering Annual Whitewash of His Legacy, Progressives Remember the 'Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Imperialist' Martin Luther King Jr.
While the likes of President Donald Trump, right-wing Republicans, and Pentagon officials—in addition to many liberals—marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day with selective quotes and messages, progressives aimed to challenge…

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