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Al Franken: McConnell's hypocrisy like listening to Dahmer complain about dinner party etiquette
On Thursday, Old-Age Mutant Cringey Turtle Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor to whine about Democrats’ supposed deep dive into partisanship: "Let's be clear: the House's vote yesterday was not…

McConnell’s In The Middle — Trump Wants Witnesses At Senate Trial, So Do 54% of Voters Polled
Mitch McConnell may come to regret his recent comment that he’s going along with the wishes of the White House with respect to the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.…

Trump's attack on Christian magazine comes out of deep fear that his base could desert him
Even for those who like to paint Donald Trump as a King David or Cyrus the Great figure whose flaws can be ignored because he’s still somehow “God’s man,” the pure…

Trump doesn't feel like (the third) POTUS impeached because his cover got blown
Trump continues to service Russia and support the “dirt on Biden” quest, whining that it doesn’t feel like he’s been impeached. Because shaking down the Ukrainian president isn’t violating bribery…

Fresh off seeking foreign election interference, Trump campaign calls Democrats un-American traitors
“Are you a Democrat or an American?” asked a fundraising email from the campaign of a man who’s just been impeached for pressuring a foreign country to help him out in…

Another 'Republicans exploding the deficit are very sad about deficits' story? Really?
Can we please, please finally stop with this nonsense that Republicans are upset by deficits? At all? Even in the slightest? "With little protest, GOP succumbs to Trump on spending"…

Christianity Today op-ed the stone that broke the dam? #ChristiansAgainstTrump is trending.
As I write, #ChristiansAgainstTrump is trending #4 in the USA on Twitter. I’ll be realistic here.  We aren’t going to get the most brainwashed ones.  We’re not going to get…

After Admitting "It’s Always Been Republicans Suppressing Votes," Trump Advisor Says Party Will Get Even More Aggressive in 2020
Reporting on Friday shows a top advisor for President Donald Trump's re-election campaign caught on tape in November bragging  of the Republican Party's history of voter suppression—and promising to go…

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