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Calling All Women: Trump Says Births In 9th Month Of Pregnancy Will No Longer Be Allowed
Yesterday I wrote about the sitting Republican president’s curious rant on rainfall, faucets and recalcitrant toilets, who simply will not cooperate until you flush them “ten or fifteen times” and…

HUD Secretary Ben Carson has been illegally withholding aid to Puerto Rico for months
The Department of Housing and Urban Development, under Ben Carson, had a legally required deadline back in September to make desperately needed hurricane relief funding available to the suffering American…

Do Not Believe THEM! That is Trump's Order His Faithful Cult Followers About the Media
The messianic aspirations of Donald Trump continue to be displayed by Dear Leader on a daily basis. His reckless pronouncements of acceptable standards of obedience are made clear as he…

Trump says Rudy got 'a lot of good information' in Ukraine. Okay, then
Oh, hey, Rudy Giuliani is about to break the wackadoodle Ukraine conspiracy story wide open! This intel comes from none other than Donald Trump — the guy who thinks exercise is…

How screwed are we on post-impeachment that 45* could have a second term
Digby asks some reasonable post-impeachment questions that are not so much about electability and fear-driven GOTV as it will be minimizing whatever negative messaging will be thrown at the Democratic nominee.…

Rudy’s Back, Trump Is Promoing A Talk Before Congress and DOJ
Private citizen Rudy Giuliani will be requesting an audience before Congress in the not too distant future, according to the man he serves as personal attorney, on a pro bono…

Young Florida Boy Catches His Largest Fish. It's What He Does Afterwards That Is Impressive.
10-year-old Ke'Mari Cooper of Tallahassee, was fishing with his father Velt at Waverly Pond Park. "Daddy, this a good one! Oh my goodness! ... Oh my gosh! ... I knew I was going to…

'Don't mess with me:' Pelosi's viral moments summon the soul of America
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quite literally outdid herself this week. Shortly after stepping up to the microphone Thursday to direct the drafting of articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, Pelosi ultimately…

The 2020 census is facing cost overruns—and potentially dire security concerns
Reuters has published a look at the problems the Census Bureau is facing in its attempt to hastily finish software and patch problems ahead of next year's mammoth official national…

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