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White House bows out of first House Judiciary impeachment hearing, whining about being 'partisan'
While the WH left open the possibility of participating in other House Judiciary committee hearings, their continued whinging about POTUS* being denied due process continue to ring hollow. Meanwhile the GOP committee…

Donald Trump Jr. is triggered by lack of bookstore support for 'Triggered'
Yes, Junior, it’s the usual B.S. — i.e., no one outside of the Republican National Committee wants to buy your book, and no one who can actually afford a plane…

On Cue, Trump Whines About “Fairness” of Process After Declining to Participate
My gosh, certainly no one saw this coming! This is the president of the United States of America, who awoke early this morning because he is no longer grounded from…

FOX News Affirms Its State TV Status with a Slobbering Interview of a Trump Campaign Shill
It's getting more difficult with every passing day to differentiate between Fox News and the Republican Nationalist Party. And even though the network was created to serve as a propaganda…

'Getting, But Waiving, Due Process': Despite Cries of Unfairness,Trump Refuses Impeachment Hearing Invite
White House counsel Pat Cipollone informed the House Judiciary Committee late Sunday that President Donald Trump and his lawyers will not participate in the panel's first impeachment hearing this week,…

Putin made Trump president. It's not the first time Russia has subverted another country's election
Russia has done this before. And I’m not even talking about the Soviet era, when the USSR simply took control of various governments by direct force of arms. No, I’m…

Trumps Declines Opportunity to “Participate” in Impeachment Hearings
I think that House Democrats need to start giving serious thought to granting each Republican request with respect to impeachment, because I seriously doubt that Republicans have any plans to…

Decrying 'Utterly Inadequate' Efforts to Tackle Climate Crisis, UN Chief Declares 'Our War Against Nature Must Stop'
On the eve of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres decried the "utterly inadequate" efforts of governments to curb planet-heating emissions and called for "a clear…

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