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The New Normal
This week, Northern California had its first significant rain and our fire season ended. (Unfortunately, as I write this, there is a big fire burning in Southern California near Santa…

A Breath of Fresh Air for Friday
A short review We all know what the movie is about.  A disillusioned writer (Lloyd Vogel) who is forced to travel to Pennsylvania and interview Fred Rogers for a magazine…

Take a few moments to seriously consider the Censure Option ... yeah I know, me neither.
— I can’t believe I am writing this. But I’m really dreading see The Teflon Don get away with, yet another in his long series of abuses. First you gotta…

Progressives Condemn 'Nonsensical and Dishonest' Pete Buttigieg Ad Attacking Free Public College
The Democratic presidential campaign of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Thursday launched a new ad in Iowa attacking the idea of tuition-free public college, sparking backlash from progressives…

Coal knew they were killing the biosphere since 1966 and yet, still commits itself to ecocide.
Thanks to President Trump and his transparent and perverse desire to enrich his golfing buddies in the fossil fuel industry and to accelerate the climate crisis, the U.S. is the…

Things you can do instead of shop on Black Friday
It's a five-year tradition now for REI, Seattle-based outdoor retailer, to encourage its customers to forego the Black Friday shopping palooza and #OptOutside. The company, a member-owned cooperative, is giving…

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