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New Report Shows Ivanka Specializes in Money Laundering, Too
If there is a lawless hotspot on the globe, the Trumps are there. Increasingly, it looks like the Trump organization specializes in one business more than any other, money laundering.…

Fired cartoonist de Adder retweets image with link to the "60 Minutes" show about what prompted it
You probably remember this story about cartoonist Michael de Adder from the summer: Canadian artist dumped after his ‘Pulitzer Prize–worthy’ cartoon of Trump golfing next to dead migrants goes viral.…

'An Unjust Society Is Far Costlier': AOC Says Beware the Deficit Scolds Who Only Complain About Paying for Stuff When It Benefits People
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday asked voters to question why U.S. politicians and pundits only consider the cost of government programs when those programs help the public and least fortunate—and…

Donald Trump Jr. is encouraging conservatives to pick fights with their families on Thanksgiving
I haven’t read Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, Daddy, Look at Me!, but I imagine it’s loaded with a Trumpload of sophistry, casuistry, and garden-variety f*#knuttery. Of course, I’m not…

Astronaut Snoopy takes to the Skies at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
The 2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is on. With balloons and floats and the whole works. One of the highlights of today’s parade is Astronaut Snoopy. Here is some info about…

This Thanksgiving, recommit yourself to fighting for the workers who don't get a Thanksgiving
There are jobs that have to be done on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other day of the year. We need doctors and nurses and firefighters. Then there are jobs that…

Why Are Drug Prices Rising So Much? Pharma Exec Admits 'No Other Rationale' But Profit-Making
Corporations' quest for profits is what "is driving up drug prices and nothing more." That's according to Dennis Bourdette, M.D., chair of neurology in the Oregon Health and Science University…

Writer of the new Star Wars film will be donating all of his residuals to a beautiful cause
One of the writers of the soon-to-be released blockbuster Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker is doing something very meaningful with the huge residual checks he is sure to be receiving in…

New Online Tool Aims to Help You Have That Big Medicare for All Talk at This Year's Thanksgiving Feast
Are you ready to have that Medicare for All conversation with the person you might love but also be dreading? Just in time for the Holiday Season, National Nurses United—the…

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