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Just One Week After Trump Rolled Back Safety Measures, Chemical Plant Explosion Rocks Texas Town
Concerns about air quality lingered Wednesday following a major early morning explosion at a chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas that shot a fireball into the sky. The disaster at…

FOX News Ratings Continue to Sink During Month of Trump's Impeachment Hearings
One of the most nauseating things about Donald Trump is how deliberately he has decimated the standards of honesty for the U.S. presidency. And while there is nothing he won't…

Impeachment news: Giuliani revelations mount as Trump prepares to cut his 'lawyer' loose
It may be Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean a break from new impeachment-related news. All of it, as usual, is bad for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the other conspirators…

"A senior Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on major Trump loans killed himself in California"
(Trigger warnings) The boss of Donald Trump’s personal banker at Deutsche Bank has committed suicide. BREAKING: A senior Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on major Trump loans killed himself…

During Florida rally, Trump claims he beat Obama and saved Christmas
Donald Trump held a rally in Florida last night. We generally don't even cover these at this point: You can't even call them campaign rallies as much as "rallies Trump's staff…

Rudy Giuliani is exactly where Michael Cohen was when Trump decided he was no longer useful
Working for Donald Trump in any capacity falls within one of the lower bolge of Dante’s Inferno. Trump has run through White House officials faster than he’s scarfed cheeseburgers, and…

Devin Nunes is still suing an imaginary cow, and still subpoenaing people who might know the cow
For reasons nobody can quite ascertain, Rep. Devin Nunes is suing a fake cow and a fake relative for defamation. (The fake cow and fake relative are two distinct entities,…

Why didn't you fools tell me about the War on Thanksgiving?
I’m hurt, honestly.   I thought we were simpatico.  I mean, this is the biggest, most dynamic community of liberals, like, anywhere on the planet — and not a peep. And I’m really good…

'Massive Criminal Enterprise': Giuliani Reportedly Sought Ukraine Business Deals as He Worked to Dig Up Dirt on Biden for Trump
Public optics for Rudy Giuliani continued to get worse on Wednesday after the New York Times and Washington Post both reported that President Donald Trump's personal attorney earlier this year…

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