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Spoiler alert: Trump really doesn't care about drug prices after all
Yeah, all that talk from Donald Trump before the 2016 election, after the election, when Democrats took the House in 2018 about how he'd work with Congress to lower the…

House, Senate negotiators reach milestone on spending package, Trump position remains unclear
The passage of a continuing resolution last week to keep government operating until Dec. 21 gave congressional negotiators breathing room to come to an agreement on the next step to…

Here we go again: Campaign press ignoring Democratic policy
There's been a complete transformation in how the campaign press covers elections in the last decade, and it's a defining change that's benefiting Republicans, and specifically Donald Trump. The change…

WSJ: Giuliani Being Investigated for Money Laundering, Fraud of the U.S.
The Wall Street Journal and The Hill are out with a new stories into the possible charges aligned against Rudy Giuliani. The possible charges listed go well beyond the campaign…

Trump's release of Arms for Dirt funds gains more Latin: ex post facto means "after the fact"
Murkiness and Mulvaney-ness remains as the details of the Ukrainian shakedown gains more factual reality after the release of documents via American Oversight’s FOIA. The Washington Post reports on the…

'Everything Is Not Fine': Nobel Economist Calls on Humanity to End Obsession With GDP
Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz is warning the world that unless the obsession many world leaders have with gross national product (GDP) comes to end, there will be little…

Trump froze aid to Ukraine, then White House went looking for a legal justification for the freeze
House Republicans keep telling us that Donald Trump put a hold on $400 million of aid to Ukraine because he was concerned about corruption, even as impeachment witnesses keep telling us…

More Parnas claims: Nunes aides ALSO worked to get dirt on Bidens
News from CNBC. It wasn’t just Nunes who was working in concert with Rudy and Trump to get dirt on the Bidens. It was Nunes’ whole team: Giuliani associate wants…

Ukrainian energy official tells prosecutors Giuliani pals Fruman and Parnas tried to recruit him
Rudy Giuliani's associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, last seen helping Republican Rep. Devin Nunes cook up a taxpayer-funded international smear campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden, have also been…

For This Impeachment, Follow The “Rumsfeld Doctrine.”
The coyote is the most aware creature there is. Being totally paranoid, he misses nothing   Charles Manson

NYT:Biden's struggles in Iowa: A lack of enthusiasm, lack of supporters and a lack of clarity
Joe Biden has not been getting a lot of good press lately. He still has about as good a chance as any of the candidates to win the primary and…

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