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Rudy Giuliani Is Either Very Unwell, Or Speaking in Code
Rudy Giuliani is speaking gibberish, unless he is not speaking gibberish, and is actually speaking in code to the people that the world perceives to be his sympathizers, Trump, Republicans.…

#NunesResign - the cows come home to roost as Trump's defenders have become his criminal accomplices
So much criming, because Franklin Graham has declared we’re now “demonic” Some defenders have flatly inverted what was actually testified to into its diametrical opposite. Others have reflexively reverted to conspiracy theories creating a…

Trump Hints That Barr Shut Down the Mueller Investigation
Trump said a lot of crazy things and told a lot of lies in his latest phone call to Fox and Friends, but one thing in particular caught my attention:…

Terrified that His Taxes Will Become Public, Trump Sics His DOJ on the Supreme Court
Last week's impeachment hearings revealed overwhelming evidence of the criminal behavior of Donald Trump. The witnesses were largely from his own administration, including Dr. Fiona Hill who was a top…

Rudy-colludy: "Do you honestly think I’m intimidated?"
So much deflection, so little time. The first group from State Department FOIA document dump contains some of the contacts Giuliani was making, as the walls close in on Rudy.…

Jim Jordan's 'hometown' paper puts him in a sleeper hold
The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently bemoaned the encroachment of Gym Jordan’s jock sweat on the city of Cleveland. His presence there was the result of a “hideously gerrymandered” district that was…

Grand Old Party of Putin's treachery turns on America
When Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to conduct 53 minutes of damage control, he offered every misdirection possible from impeachment, including the baseless notion that Ukraine…

Chris Hayes epic takedown of Trump and the Crowdstrike conspiracy theory
I don't often watch MSNBC as it's not available on my Sling system, but I do peek in occasionally through the NBC News App and there's been an amazing change…

Ocasio-Cortez Demands Solar Company Rehire Workers Fired After Unionizing With Green New Deal in Mind
After learning that the solar energy company Bright Power fired a dozen construction workers who were inspired to unionize by the transformative vision of a Green New Deal, Rep. Alexandria…

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