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Something is happening here. What are we not being told?
This is an observation and not CT.  There is something so very wrong in this country that just does not make sense to those who still have some sense left.…

Trump flirts with standing against a unanimous Congress and in favor of China's President Xi
Donald Trump skipped one fight with Congress this week: He signed a continuing resolution to keep government open for another month. But in his morning marathon rant Friday on Fox…

Trump calls into Fox & Friends to throw himself under the bus
When you have the gnocchi-heads at Fox & Friends asking skeptical questions, you know you’ve gone off the deep end. Donald Trump appeared on his favorite show this morning to rant…

Biden Under Fire for Telling Immigrant Rights Activist Demanding End to Deportations to 'Vote for Trump'
During a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina Thursday night, former Vice President Joe Biden told a protestor who confronted him over the Obama administration's mass deportation policies to "vote…

Fiona Hill and David Holmes delivered the message America needs to hear
Fiona Hill and David Holmes may have been the final two witnesses to appear in a week loaded with blockbuster testimony, but had they been the only witnesses, the case…

All the president's men knew. Everyone else was in the dark
The competing testimonies of Ambassador Gordon Sondland on Wednesday followed by former national security aide Dr. Fiona Hill on Thursday brought one unmistakable point into stark relief: All of Donald…

The biggest mistake Democrats made in the impeachment hearings was not focusing on CrowdStrike
The biggest mistake Democratic representatives made in the entire series of impeachment hearings is the failure to explain what Dr. Fiona Hill meant when she included this in her opening…

NSC Russia Expert had some Serious Warnings about Russia -- for Congress
First, some background from this U.S. expert on Russia, working for the National Security Council: [emphasis added] [pg 4]  Fiona Hill: For the better part of three decades, I have…

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