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Trump and his "chest discomfort" go to Walter Reed
Disinformation persists because of the sudden, unscheduled nature of the Saturday visit, as well as some obvious lying about it because if it were an actual “free weekend” Trump would…

Conservative radio host fired midshow for pointing out Trump's corruption
Do not, under any circumstances, criticize Dear Leader if you want to remain a member of the conservative-industrial complex. Craig Silverman, host of The Craig Silverman Show on KNUS in Denver for…

Rotten To The Core
An amazing statistic was recently compiled by NBC News, indicating over 100 of the 241 Republican House members who were in office in January 2017 will no longer be there…

BULL SCHITT! Trump Resorts to Infantile Profanities to Sell His Lies About the Economy
Remember when Donald Trump was elected and pundits speculated about when his raw and rancid campaign persona would transition into something more presidential? Yeah, that was great. The naivete of…

'This whole hearing turned on a dime': The Trump catastrophe even Fox News couldn't ignore
Fox News is infamous for ignoring inconvenient truths for Donald Trump and his Republican party. On Election Day 2017—one of the first truly consequential elections following the 2016 presidential—Trump booster…

Bill Barr's authoritarian speech to the Federalist Society sparks sharp criticism
Much of Attorney General Bill Barr’s dishonest, authoritarian, hour-long speech to The Federalist Society convention Friday was couched in language making it seem that it was the office of the presidency and the…

'Corrupt': Congresswoman shreds The Hill for publishing conspiracy theories as 'opinion' columns
“I’m not speaking to The Hill anymore. Sorry,” Rep. Jackie Speier announced to one of the site’s senior writers on Friday. Citing the site’s role in advancing baseless claims against former…

Left Twitter Responds With Viral #TooFarLeft Hashtag After Obama Counsels Democrats to Tamp Down Progressive Ambitions
If you want to see the hashtag #TooFarLeft go viral, just get a former world leader—perferably one who is a Democrat—to denounce Left Twitter. After it was reported Friday that…

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