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Trial balloon blows away as Trump threatens to fire the Intel Inspector General for "disloyalty"
So many underlings doing their jobs, so much disloyalty. Mr. Trump first expressed his dismay about Michael Atkinson around the time the whistle-blower’s complaint became public in September. In recent weeks,…

Quid-Pro-Quo by another Name, is what Adam Schiff just indicated is on the Table
— Well, it’s about time they traded-in the archaic Latin for crimes that ordinary people can actually understand.  In terms, fully and clearly backed-up by the U.S. Constitution: Schiff: Trump…

Flaming FAIL: Trump Fires at DACA and Makes a Total Ash of Himself
On Tuesday morning the Supreme  Court heard oral arguments on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) case. They are determining whether or not to uphold the decisions by lower courts…

Gates' testimony indicates Trump lied when he claimed he never talked with Stone about WikiLeaks
Prosecutors in Trump ally Roger Stone's federal trial closed their presentation of evidence today with testimony from Trump campaign staffer and Paul Manafort co-conspirator Rick Gates. Gates testified that then-campaign head…

Trump supporter who slashed 'Baby Trump' balloon compares his actions to those of Jesus
Every so often we get a glimpse into the heart of darkness that represents the true face of the modern Republican Party, as it grins balefully at us with an…

It would only take 3 Republican senators to force a secret ballot on impeachment trial
There are at least four Republican senators running for reelection in 2020 who would probably much rather not have to defend Donald Trump on the campaign trail: Susan Collins in…

In private speech, John Bolton suggests personal interests inform Trump's foreign policy decisions
Okay, to be fair, I wouldn’t trust John Bolton to hold my beer while I pee, but he’s dragging Trump hard lately, and that’s always fun to watch. According to…

Causing 'Profound' Trauma, Trump Administration Detained Recording-Breaking 70,000 Children in 2019
The U.S. held a record 69,550 migrant children in detention facilities in 2019, a Tuesday report from The Associated Press and PBS Frontline found, leading to major psychological and physiscal harm and lasting…

Now Trump Wants To Fire Michael Atkinson for Disloyalty, As Both Impeachment and Stone Trial Ramp Up
Donald Trump is not having a good day at all. He’s got unpleasant facts and inconvenient truths firing at him like tennis balls out of a practice machine and the…

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