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Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to be removed from National Security Council
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified on October 29 concerning his reaction to Donald Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Zelensky, was removed from the National Security Council on Sunday.…

14 Term Congressman Peter King Joins in the R-Exodus.
14 term Republican Congressperson Peter King, of NY’s 2nd District (Long Island), who was once Chairman of the powerful Homeland Security Committee in Congress and currently sits on the Select…

There is something dark about the MSM's never demanding Trump resign
I would venture to say citizens are blessed if they live in a country that enjoys the rule of law. In the United States at this moment there seems to…

Russians and Retaliation at the White House
Individual-1 continues to not work in the interest of the US, as Vindman gets reassigned, and what was suspected becomes more evident. The head of Russia’s State Security Service, the FSB,…

Trump's Twitter FRENZY Reveals His Sick Obsessions and Dangerous Incompetence
Impeachment Is Coming! And Donald Trump is getting noticeably more nervous. His poll numbers are tanking, even among Republicans. Next week marks the beginning of the public phase of the…

'Close But No Cigar': PBS Plan to Run Impeachment Hearings Online Not Enough to Show Whole Story of Trump's Misdeeds, Says Moyers
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers appeared on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday to reiterate his earlier call on PBS to air the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump as part of its…

We are not 'divided.' The truth is Republicans have lost their damn minds
It's been said many times that the nation is heavily "divided," and that we live in a time when the nation is highly "polarized"over political issues. We are told this all…

Trump pulled out of Paris climate pact. A new president will rejoin. It's still not nearly enough
As promised, climate denier Donald Trump has made it official: On the first day he legally could, his administration declared that it wanted out of the landmark climate agreement adopted…

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