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If you rob a bank with an empty gub and stammer at the teller, you're still going to the slammer
Congressional funds were deliberately held up for personal gain, as PABOTUS* shook down Ukraine. Everything else is disinformation, diversion and distraction, all in service of obstruction and corrupt intent. Virgil…

LOL. Alabama Fans Cheered drumpf and Lost at Home for the First Time in Four Years. ETTDs.
So much winning!!!

Bolton appears to have released the aid to Ukraine
Just saw this and hoped it was true. "John Bolton went around Mick Mulvaney -- and released aid to Ukraine before resigning" From Bloomberg News: Congressional appropriators were frustrated when…

Berliners Send drumpf a Piece of Their Wall...and a Piece of their Mind.
This is good:

WTF? Fox News Hack Says Ukraine Isn't a 'SEXY' Enough Scandal to Impeach Trump
Just when you thought that The Onion had not really taken over Fox News and replaced their vile Trump-fluffing with biting satire, a segment is aired that is so mind-numbingly…

'Angry' Elizabeth Warren to Biden and Buttigieg: Bring it
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has never been shy about her sense of moral outrage—in fact, it's the main driver of her campaign. "I'm angry, and I own it," Warren exclaimed…

Only three nations in the world charge asylum seekers a fee. Trump wants the U.S. to be the fourth
The Trump administration’s latest scheme to fund its ever-increasing restrictions on immigration is all about the money. In continuing efforts to make the United States as unwelcoming to immigrants as…

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