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Trump boo'd at UFC promotional event in NYC - is he losing his base
Florida man thought he’d get a warm reception from a mixed martial arts audience. "The UFC event was to start at 10 p.m. Ultimate Fighting Championship’s president, Dana White, is a…

Trump Instructed his Team to "Get the Emails"
Trump Instructed his Team to “Get the Emails” — the DNC Emails that Russia had stolen.  — Not Ukraine. The Mueller interview notes are being released, finally. Mueller interview notes obtained by CNN show…

'We were horrified': White House Halloween party had 'Build the Wall' indoctrination 'game' for kids
In a shocking but not surprising move, Donald Trump’s administration turned one of its signature symbols of bigotry into a hands-on parlor game for young attendees at this year’s White House Halloween…

Trump's base of support isn't nearly as solid as the conventional wisdom suggests
Remember when the conventional wisdom in Washington was that if Democrats impeached Donald Trump it would portend electoral disaster for them in 2020? But then Democrats announced the impeachment inquiry…

The Trump Sycophant 'SOFTBALL QUESTION of the YEAR' Award Goes to FOX News - Again
Donald Trump is turkey-neck deep in an impeachment inquiry that is accumulating evidence faster than it can be processed. At any other time in history, this much proof of criminal…

Arms for Dirt - adding false information to a call summary is impeachable
Darn that pattern of impeachable conduct. Alexander Vindman said he tried to fix the wording in the rough transcript so that it matched his notes of the phone call, but…

Snakes On A Plane. RNC Knew When Wikileaks Would Dump the Emails In 2016.
Buzzfeed has gotten hold of a tranche of the Mueller Report’s unpublished memos and southpaw on Twitter has been sifting through them. One of the more explosive states that, according to Rick…

In 'Glimmer of Accountability,' Executives, Loggers Charged in 2014 Murders of Four Indigenous Land Defenders in Peru
Environmental defenders applauded Friday as prosecutors in Peru charged five men in the powerful logging industry with the murders of four Indigenous land protectors. After a years-long investigation, "Peruvian justice did a…

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